Neck pain is not uncommon for people to suffer, even regularly; this is often caused by poor posture, bending over a computer screen, or even obesity, as fatty tissue around the neck might put added stress and strain on neck muscles. However, there are times when it's good to consider seeing a chiropractor for your neck pain, as he or she can adjust your back and your spine and help to alleviate that pain. Note when it's good to visit such a professional rather than assuming you can or should just live with your pain.

When you take painkillers 

Remember that any painkillers you take need to be filtered through your body, usually through the liver. Over time, they may cause damage to your liver or get built up in your system. You may also develop a tolerance for painkillers so that you need to take more and more just to get through your day. Instead of possibly damaging your overall health this way, it's good to visit a chiropractor if you're finding yourself relying on painkillers on a regular basis.

When your hands or wrists are numb or tingling

When you feel any numbness in your hands or wrists or they tend to tingle, this can mean nerve or muscle damage that is traveling down your arms. Ignoring this can cause it to get worse, especially if you don't learn how to support your arms and wrists properly while working on a computer or doing other strenuous activities.

If the pain started after an accident

After a car accident, fall, or other such incident, your muscles may be numb and you may not realize that you've suffered a serious injury to the neck area. After a few days, this numbness may wear off and you may notice a stiff neck or pain in all areas of your back. In those cases, see a chiropractor so that you don't allow the injury to get worse over time.

You've tried all the home remedies

Sometimes a fluffier pillow, a good massage, stretching exercises, or even losing a few pounds can make your neck pain much better. You might also try a posture brace to keep your back muscles upright and supported and to alleviate pressure on the neck muscles, or elevate your computer so you don't bend your neck while working. If you've tried all these simple home remedies and your neck pain doesn't get any better, chances are your condition is not going to be fixed without professional intervention and you may be ignoring a serious injury or other condition that could get worse in time.