Colic is a common condition among newborns and is characterised by ceaseless crying and fussing for months on end. Although the real cause of colic remains unknown, healthcare professionals have advanced theories about what causes the condition, despite it being common in thriving and healthy infants. Different theories and treatment regimens have been used to manage and treat colic. Some of the factors believed to cause colic include a slow and immature digestive system, minor spine tension, impaired sucking, food allergens in milk, incorrect latching, and acid flux. Chiropractic care, although common in adults, is increasingly being adopted to treat colic in infants. This article offers parents useful information regarding chiropractic care for colic babies.

Why Chiropractic Adjustment Is Vital for Newborns 

During birth, babies are pulled by their heads, which can affect their necks, leading to misalignments of spinal cord bones. Also, pressure on the neck is responsible for spinal shifting, also known as subluxation, which impacts the nerves. The misalignment has a domino effect on other systems in the body, causing some newborns to be restless and cry intensely. Performing chiropractic treatment helps the nervous system to work optimally by correcting the misalignment in the spine. Therefore, chiropractic adjustment offers relief to colic babies, giving parents peace of mind.

Gentle Body Manipulation 

A chiropractor is a trained, skilled and experienced professional who uses gentle body manipulation to restore the optimal performance of the nervous system. Remember that while a chiropractor can help address some of the underlying problems that lead to colic, they cannot cure specific diseases. Therefore, parents should work with healthcare providers, such as pediatricians and nurses, to manage newborns' pain and irritability. Gentle manipulation of crucial parts of the body helps ease the strain associated with colic. A chiropractor aligns a baby's spine, correcting nerve disfunction, which is responsible for sleeping difficulties, improper breathing, acid reflux and other colic symptoms.

Chiropractic Care Reduces Irritability and Fussiness

Fussing can take a toll on parents who spend sleepless nights trying to calm their babies. When a child specialist rules out sickness as the cause of fussiness, parents might have to take their children to a chiropractor for assistance. Irritability is associated with mechanical restrictions in the spine. By aligning the spine, chiropractic care can reduce fussiness in newborns. Note that you should take your baby to a children's chiropractor for a couple of sessions for long-term results.